26 August 2015

5 Flats I'm Lusting Over

Five Favorite Flats - greysuede.com

I am obsessed with flats lately, which is a huge surprise because typically I am not a fan. I mean I like flats on other people but for me they always seem super uncomfortable and make me look like I'm 12. Which would be fine if I was 12 but I'm not, I'm trying to dress like a person who actually graduated college and is serious enough to have an actual job and don't have to have my ID checked just to go to a happy hour. 

But alas, I finally found a pair of flats that are actually comfortable and grown up and surprisingly super versatile. But now I want more! I have been scouring stores online for the next ones to buy and I can't decide between these five, because they are all super fun and sassy. They all would be perfect flats for wearing to work, school, or out and about during the day.

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