30 September 2015


Instacart Review
Instacart Review
Instacart Review
Instacart Review
Instacart Review

It amazes me just how many delivery services there are in San Francisco. I swear you could have almost everything done for you without ever having to go anywhere. There's a service or an app that will take care of everything from your laundry, to delivering food and drinks, to shopping services that team you up with a'personal shopper' to run your errands for you. I'm not gonna lie I think it's a little absurd just how lazy you can be but on the other hand I appreciate that these services are there if/when you need them. Enough to say, I was not very keen on actually trying out any of these services but alas, I needed groceries and didn't have a house key with me.

Trapped and starving (okay that may be a bit melodramatic) I was desperate. I decided to try out Instacart. I figured it couldn't hurt and the best part was they give you free delivery on your first order of $10 or more. The process is easy, you enter your zip code, create an account (or sign up with Facebook), and then select the store you want to shop at. After selecting your items you can place your order and choose what time you want your groceries delivered and how you want your shopper to contact you if they need to.

I have to say I was impressed with how easy it was to shop and the cool thing was you could buy things from different stores all in the same order (I should mention that there is a minimum for each store though). 


  • Easy to use and place an order
  • Multiple stores to choose from, even Costco
  • They keep you updated on the progress of your order via email and the website
  • Never had to leave the house to buy groceries
  • You can buy household items too
  • Great for packaged foods, meats, dairy products


  • Produce- I'm picky about what produce I buy and unfortunately you don't get to choose which fruits/veggies are chosen or how soft/firm they are
  • Selection- The selection is wide but not everything on your list will be available as it would be if you went to the store in person

 Overall, I would probably use Instacart again but I still prefer to go grocery shopping myself. If you want to give it a try use this link HERE to get $10 off and Free Delivery.

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  1. Looks yummy! Thanx for the review, I have always wondered about grocery delivery. Was it packed well?


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