09 September 2015

Punchy Melon Lip Gloss

 I bought this lipgloss on a whim. I don't usually buy bright colored lip colors (though that is changing lately) but I had been wanting to try out Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Buttercream lip gloss for a while. I decided to try Punchy Melon, a color described to me as a "fun watermelon shade".  Not really sure what the color difference between a fun and not fun watermelon looked like, I went for it since I had no other colors like it at home. 

After trying it, I love it! The color looks like a pinkish-red on me and by putting either a pink or red 
lip liner under it can make the color go one way or the other.


Creamy texture, not sticky
Shiny (if you are looking for a high shine gloss)
Great color coverage
Easy to apply with wand


Wears off quickly (must reapply if eating/drinking) BUT lip liner helps with this a little
Transfers easily
Can smudge if not careful


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