25 November 2015

3 Ways To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

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With our busy lives it is all too easy to take so many things for granted. I think that is why Thanksgiving is so important. It is one day out of an entire year where all that is expected of you is to show thankfulness and gratitude to those in our life that make a difference and all of the good things in life. Sometimes it seems like the holiday is all about the food, and don't get me wrong, I am a definite fan of Thanksgiving feasts, but the reality is the day is about gathering with family and friends and to thank each other for everything that they are and do. I'm sharing with you the ways I plan on being thankful this Thanksgiving and I would love to hear what you are most grateful for this year!

1. Make a List

What are you thankful for this year? Make a list of everyone that has helped you this past year, the opportunities you have been blessed with, and anything else that you feel thankful for. Seeing everything written down will make you realize just how much you have to be thankful for and will hopefully inspire you to show more gratitude throughout the year.

2. A Simple Note

It may seem like it's too late to drop a little thank you note in the mail, but it is never too late! Whether you choose to send a note via mail, email, a phone call, or even a text, reach out and wish those in your life a Happy Thanksgiving and be sure to thank them for being such a great friend, boss, co worker, fill in the blank. This small token of gratitude will mean so much to the person you send it to.

3. One Word

I hope to do this with my family this year over dessert. The idea is that everyone has a small piece of paper, a post it note, or notecard taped to their back. Form two circles and have the inner circle face each other and the outer circle face the inner circle. Each person writes one word on the paper on each persons back before moving on to the next person. The word should be something they want to say thank you for or a quality that they admire in that person. The outer circle will make its way moving around the inner circle until they have written on each inner circle person's back. Then repeat the process by having the inner circle write on the backs of the outer circle. When you are all done, everyone will have a note written to them full of words of gratitude and admiration.

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  1. Good stuff! My grateful list is endless, I am a blessed woman. One thing I am incredibly thankful for is YOU!!!


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