15 January 2016

3 Things to Wake You Up on a Groggy Day

We all have those days where you get up and you're awake but you just feel groggy, like you are a zombie. For me I always feel like my body just doesn't want to move and I have zero gumption to actually do anything. Sadly sometimes this happens and hours later in the day I'm asking myself what did I do today, oh wait that's right I couldn't do anything today, it was just too hard. 

In an effort to not let myself wallow in my grog I have come up with the three most effective ways of banishing my gloom. Try one or two or all three on those days when you just can't seem to actually wake up.

1. Wash my face with cold water

Okay I know this sounds terrible in the morning especially when it's all you can to to be outside the warmth of the covers but trust me there is no better wake up call. The trick though is to not just splash water on your face, this is the cheating method where yeah you splash yourself with frigid water but it doesn't actually wake you up, its more like someone ripping a blanket off of you, painstakingly annoying. To really wake up you have to actually scrub your face with the water, waking up your eyes, cheeks, and lips by rubbing the cold water over them.

2. Eat a piece of fruit

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and eating is super important to helping you feel awake but just eating breakfast doesn't always do the trick, especially if you eat crap. Lately I have been relying on the nectarines and peaches that are in season, but any fruit should do the trick. It's light enough to not put you in a mini food coma but enough to jump start your morning routine before actually eating breakfast.

3. Do a short workout video

I guess this one is kind of a given but I think the key here is to do a short workout. Going out for a run is great but most days I don't have enough willpower to actually get my butt outside. That's why a short workout video (I'm talking about under 10 minutes) is great. There is no excuse and it won't impact getting out the door on time either. My favorites lately are from Karena and Katrina at Tone It Up


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