06 January 2016

Brunch at TRACE

Brunch at TRACE SF - greysuede.comBrunch at TRACE SF - greysuede.com
Brunch at TRACE SF - greysuede.com
Brunch at TRACE SF - greysuede.com

I am obsessed with breakfast foods. I am serious. My love of breakfast has even resulted in Thanksgiving brunch rather than dinner a couple of years ago. Call me crazy, but what is better than pancakes or french toast or a bowl of fresh yogurt and granola? Okay maybe a few things but as a whole brunch is my favorite meal whether at home or at a restaurant.

TRACE, the restaurant at the W hotel in San Francisco has a really good brunch menu and the decor is super modern and feminine with white fringe hanging everywhere and pops of pink with orchids at each table. The most interesting part, I think, is when you look up and see terrariums floating from the ceiling. I got the Whole Wheat Waffle with fresh cream and berries- best waffle I have had in SF so far! Nathan got the Braised Mergues Sausage and really liked it too. 

Stopping now before I decide to make french toast for dinner :)


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