26 January 2016

NYC Getaway

NYC Getaway, Washington Square Park - greysuede.comNYC Getaway, Ellis Island, Liberty Island, skyline - greysuede.com NYC Getaway, Statue of Liberty- greysuede.comNYC Getaway, Waterfalls Midtown- greysuede.comNYC Getaway, 9/11 Memorial- greysuede.com
NYC Getaway, 9/11 Memorial- greysuede.com
NYC Getaway - greysuede.com

Last week Nathan and I took a little getaway to New York City and it was so much fun. Thankfully though we left JFK right before flights were starting to be cancelled because of the huge storm that hit this weekend!! As much I love being there, I would hate to be stuck there. We went to a bunch of tourist spots and saw the sights of the city as well as just kind of bumming around, exploring different neighborhoods, and of course eating. It was my first time being in snowing weather (first snow of 2016) which was both fun and a challenge because I had no clue how to dress or anything.... struggle...but I survived!

The food in NYC is absolutely amazing partly because you have every type of food available, like literally every type of cuisine, as well as being in such a popular/big city the food options are endless and most of them are really good. It was Restaurant Week too which was an added bonus. My favorites from this trip were: Sarabeth's Restaurant Park Avenue SouthUva, and Zengo.  

We stayed at The Lexington in Midtown which is such a cool hotel especially since Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe lived there while they were married! If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw the hidden gem I found on one of the walls there. Plus Midtown is super convenient to go and see everything because you are kind of in the middle of everything and it takes almost the same amount of time to get anywhere you want to go, which is so convenient especially if you are trying to pack a lot into a short timeframe. 

We caught up with some friends from college which was so nice and overdue and overall just had fun being in New York and being on a mini vacay :)


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