01 February 2016

App Discovery: Hey! VINA

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I love discovering new things and a few days ago I discovered Hey! VINA, an app for women to make new friends. It's basically the friend version of Tinder and is exclusively for women. It's currently available in New York City and San Francisco but they plan to expand to other US cities soon.

Source: http://heyvina.com
Seriously, moving to a new city is hard and making friends when you aren't in school anymore is a lot harder than it seems. I think that's one of the reasons why Hey! VINA is so cool to me because it can be super awkward and intimidating trying to ask people to basically go on friend dates, and this app takes the awkward out since everyone there is doing the exact same thing...LOVE IT!!!



  1. This is awesome!!


    1. Seriously! I'm looking forward to going on my first Hey! VINA friend date haha :)

  2. It looks like a lot of fun ! bisous



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