25 February 2016

Five Dates Under $25

Five Dates Under $25 - greysuede.com

Nathan and I are always trying to be creative when it comes to going on dates and sometimes we need to keep a date under budget. Besides for the typical dinner and a movie at home or a picnic in the park, it can be really hard to think out of the box and do something for less. Thinking back on some of our favorite dates for less, these are our top five dates for under $25:

1. Rent Bikes

Perfect for a spring weekend. Find a nearby park or beach and rent bikes nearby. It's also a good idea to either bring snacks or a lunch so that you can stop, take a break, and munch on something.

2. Ice Cream Party In The Park

This one is similar to a picnic in the park but instead of typical food, bring ice cream, your favorite toppings, bowls or cones, and make a sundae while in the park on a nice day.

3. Dance Lessons

Most dance studios offer free classes to first time students, and if not, you can usually find introductory deals in your community at either a studio or even a local community center. Also, check out Meetup.com to see if there are any dancing groups. Our favorites are tango and salsa :) 

4. Volunteer 

Volunteering is typically free so its a great excuse to grab a coffee beforehand or a smoothie afterwards. Find a cause that you both care about and is hands on, like planting trees, walking dogs at an animal shelter, or doing a beach cleanup. Not only will you feel great about how you spent your time but you will likely have met some new people and might find a cause to get more involved with.

5. Game Night

Instead of the go-to movie night at home, opt instead for a game night. Find a local game store and pick out a new game or choose a classic that you already own. Make some popcorn (or crunchy caramel corn), bake some cookies, and grab your favorite drinks. Game nights are great for just the two of you or for getting other couples/friends together.


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