07 April 2016

App Discovery: Charity Miles

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Charity Miles isn't new, it's actually been around since 2012. But I just discovered it and I felt I just had to share it with you guys because it is so cool! If you've used it already, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

After you open the app and choose a charity you start moving. Every mile that you run, walk or bike earns money for the charity that you select, and the greatest part is that it costs you NOTHING! 

Charity Miles has teamed up with corporate sponsors like Humana, Johnson & Johnson, and Kenneth Cole which make the whole thing possible. All you have to do is tally up those miles and select from over 30 charities. Charity Miles is available for both Apple and Android phones and uses your phones GPS and accelerometer, but it also works indoors on the treadmill which I love because then there is almost zero excuse to not put in your weekly miles and support a great cause at the same time! I downloaded it last night and can't wait to use it this weekend.


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  1. Love this Charity app idea! Checking it out! Thanx Taylor!


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