20 April 2016

Let's Talk: Getting Smooth Heels For Summer

Getting Smooth Heels For Summer - www.greysuede.com

I cannot stand dry, crusty heels on feet. It is one of those things that I unfortunately notice and hate. It grosses me out, even if the feet are perfectly clean I cannot stand it! I have been like this for as long as I can remember and I think it started from me not liking feet in general. When it gets warm and you start wearing sandals and going barefoot more, it becomes really easy for heels to start getting dry and rough. I am like a drill sergeant about staying on top of this and through the years I have learned that prevention is the best thing you can do.

Every time I shower I use a pumice stone on my feet paying extra attention to my heels and the balls of my feet. Plus you have to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I cannot say this enough. 

The goal here is baby soft feet!

If you have wondered through Target's bath and body aisles (who hasn't) then you have probably seen the que bella face masks, but they also have this amazing intensive foot mask that is perfect for using while watching a movie or tv because they are super hydrating socks and work really well! Lotion, cream, even vaseline works too.

Another thing that helps is staying hydrated. Really, water helps all of our skin glow and feel it's best but it even helps the bottoms of our feet. Set a water goal each day and stick to it. Using the lines on a Nalgene bottle or finding a water bottle that you know you need to fill up x number of times throughout the day are easy ways to not only help your feet but your whole body function better too. At my desk I have a 32 oz water bottle and I know that by lunch I have to have finished it and then before going home I need to have filled it another time.

Start now prepping those feet of yours for a glorious summer of sandals and barefoot fun knowing your feet look amazing! Who's with me?


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