11 April 2016

Love & Lemons Cookbook

Hey guys, I am so excited because one of my favorite food blogs, Love & Lemons, released a cookbook!

Although I'm not a vegetarian, I try to incorporate meatless meals into the week as well as creative veggie sides. In my constant Pinterest searching for healthy veggie meals/dishes, I kept clicking through to Love & Lemons and once I tried the first recipe, I was hooked. I love that the recipes are simple, healthy, and actually taste good.

Lately I have been making the Quinoa & Apricot & Arugula Salad from the blog on repeat, because it is so easy and great for a springtime meal when the wether starts heating up.

This cookbook is so beautiful and I love that it is split up by fruit/vegetable so if you have carrots on hand for example, you can find the carrot section with recipes you can make. I ran over to Barnes and Noble yesterday to get my copy because I couldn't wait for it to come if I ordered it online haha.

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