28 June 2016

App Discovery: Punkpost

Getting mail as a kid was one of the best things, then as an adult sadly the mail becomes more of a dreaded thing thanks to bills and advertisements. Some of my friends and I exchange letters or cards every so often but everyone gets so busy and that card you bought gets burried on your desk under a million other things and never gets written, let alone mailed.

Enter Punkpost, an app that sends handwritten cards for you. They even can include a photo or confetti which makes it even more personal. The cards are fun and unique and not as expensive as you would think. The process is super simple too. After picking your card type in your message, the recipient's info, and choose whether to include confetti or a photo and then your card will be mailed within 24 hours. Each card is $6 and extras like the confetti are only $1.50 and the best part is your first card is free! 

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