01 June 2016

Drinks to Bring to Your Next Summer Shindig

One of the best parts of summer is getting together with family and friends and celebrating life over great food and hot weather but sometimes it can get a little tricky when you're not quite sure what you should bring over to someone's house for a summer party or bbq. Pot lucks are easy but if the host says you don't need to bring anything it can be awkward if you show up empty handed. 

These situations are so easily solved by bringing drinks. For starters, you can never have too many, especially since people drink more when the temperature heats up! Whether you are looking for something alcoholic or not, check out my picks below.

I have tried each and every one of my suggestions below and promise that you can't go wrong with any of them.

Summer Drink Guide - www.greysuede.com

2 | Caravella Limoncello $20 also I want to try their Orangecello
4 | Not Your Father's Root Beer $11 - This stuff tastes just like root beer (the non alcoholic type) but is actual beer!
5 | Belvoir Fruit Farms Lime & Lemongrass Pressé difficult to find but if you can its delicious

1 comment

  1. Great list!! I LOVE Sanpellegrino!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Have a great weekend!! xoxo

    ~ Nicole


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