18 July 2016

Tips & Tricks for Creating a Gallery Wall

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I love the look of gallery walls and although I haven't created one in my new place yet, I have created them in past apartments and always loved the impact they made on the room. Also, for a college student or recent grad, its a great way to make a boring white walled apartment more personal and it also can be a fairly inexpensive way of filling your room with art.  I could go on about how awesome gallery walls are but that would be boring and and really all you have to do is look on Pinterest at a few gallery walls and be convinced at their splendor. Getting on with my tips and tricks for creating the gallery wall of your dreams:

1. Choose your Palette: 

Whether your room's color palette has already been decided or not, you will need to determine either what key colors you are working with or whether you are going for a light and airy type of feeling or maybe a darker more moody gallery.

2. Vary the Types of Art: 

Although my first gallery wall was only composed of watercolor prints and I loved it, the most eye catching and interesting gallery walls mix up the type of art. Start with something you like such as an abstract print, but then look for a sketch, a watercolor, or a photograph.

3. Use Different Sizes: 

It doesn't matter if you have used the same frames for a more cohesive feeling or are using various frames, be sure that the size and shape of the art varies. 

4. Make Paper Cutouts of Each Frame: 

Use poster board or butcher paper to trace and cut out each frame. Use tape to temporarily hang each "piece of art" on your wall. Even if you arrange it beautifully on the floor it is really hard to know how it will look on the wall and how the proportions feel. This also makes it easy to know where to place the nails or other picture hanger hardware.

5. Center the Art at 57 Inches: 

Determine the center of your gallery layout and be sure to translate that point to be about 57" above the floor to make it most pleasing to the eye. Obviously furniture or height of ceilings may change this but use 57" as a starting place so that the center of your gallery is at eye level.

6. Start With the Biggest Piece of Art First: 

When you are arranging each piece start with the largest one first that way you know there is room for it and can build around it and balance colors easier.

7. Art on a Budget: 

Gallery walls require quite a few pieces and if your are like me, art doesn't have a place in my budget which means I look for art that I love but is affordable. Some of the best place I have found are: Etsy, Society6, and Minted.

8. Experiment: 

One of the best things about a gallery wall is the ability to change out the art super easily. If you want to change your decor you don't have to completely redo the entire room. Swap out a few pictures and instantly a new look.



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