26 August 2016

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I'm sorry for being so MIA lately- I have been traveling and despite my plans to schedule posts in advance- I never managed to :(

This week has been kind of crazy not gonna lie and I am so happy that the weekend is almost here. Just have to get through one more day haha (it's not that bad, I just like being a little melodramatic)! Figured I'd share what I'm up to this weekend:

1. Unpack, Unpack, Unpack - I hate unpacking and have put it off from Austin and DC.

2. Meal Prep- I swear by planning out your weekly meals on the weekend, it makes the week so much smoother and if I have extra time I will wash and chop fruits and veggies too, but my hopes aren't up that I will be that productive.

3. Pack for Yosemite- I need to figure out what I need still so I can get it this weekend.

4. Sunday Runday- I try really hard to run on Sundays- I love that the gym is empty on Sunday afternoons so I don't have to compete for a treadmill.

5. Netflix- I really want to just lay/sit on the couch and do nothing while watching a movie on Netflix. I've got my eye on Mothers and Daughters as well as Frida (which I've seen but am up for seeing again)

6. Mani/Pedi- as much as I'd love to get them done professionally, I will have to settle for the glamour of my own at home nail salon (the bathroom or kitchen)!

What are YOU up to this weekend!?

P.S. I found this awesome Friday gif on Pinterest!


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