31 October 2016

The Shampoo Secret That Changed My Hair

The Shampoo Secret That Changed My Hair - www.greysuede.com
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Last August I chopped my hair short, when styled it was just at my shoulder which is the shortest length I have ever had. It was fun but quickly I missed my longer tresses and decided to instantly start a hair care regimen geared to growing out my hair. This meant I had to get serious about sulfate free shampoo and washing my hair less frequently.

I have struggled with sulfate free shampoo for years. I never seemed to be able to find one that would lather enough for my liking and wouldn't leave my hair disgustingly oily the next day. I was determined to find one that I liked so after looking through Ulta for 20 minutes I decided to try AG Hair Care's Smooth Sulfate-Free Argan & Coconut Shampoo. I'm not going to lie, the real reason I chose to try it was the smell- it smells so good! Like vacation in a bottle!

We have all read the backs of our shampoo bottles where it says repeat. If you are like me I always figured that was a ploy to get us to use more product and have to buy more bottles. Here's the secret though, it works! Especially with sulfate free shampoos that don't lather the same as standard shampoos.

But the real trick to this secret is how you repeat the process. The benefits surpass just clean hair though! I wash my hair only 2-3 times a week depending on how much I am exercising, my hair is healthy keeping more of it's natural moisture and oils, and my hair is growing! I will hopefully have mermaid length hair soon haha! Here's my shampoo routine that I swear by:

  1. Obviously start by wetting your hair
  2. Pour a quarter sized amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand and work into a lather.
  3. apply shampoo directly to your scalp. It is important to ignore your strands and focus solely on covering your scalp.
  4. Massage product into the roots and rinse. As the shampoo washes through your strands they are getting a wash too!
  5. For the second shampoo I usually squeeze about a nickel sized amount of product in my palm and lather.
  6. Apply shampoo to the areas on your head that get the most oily/greasy. For me that is at my crown.
  7. Massage product again at the roots and scalp and rinse.
  8. Follow with conditioner.


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