23 November 2016

No Excuses- Work Out on Thanksgiving

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We all love Thanksgiving for the time with friends and family but also the food. The entire holiday is centered on a feast and it is incredibly easy to get caught up in the cooking, mingling, and eating of the day to not make the time to fit in a workout. This year there are zero excuses though.  Tomorrow we will all be working out!! There are so many great workout videos on YouTube that you can't blame the gym or studio being closed for not getting your heart rate up today.

Many of my friends do a Turkey Trot every year. It's a great way to meet up with friends in the morning before you all go to family gatherings. I've never done one but they look fun. You can find a turkey trot near you HERE or even run your own 5k in your neighborhood.

I'm sharing some of my favorite short on time at home workouts below. I've broken them up by time so you can easily find one that fits with your schedule!

Everyone can find at least 10 minutes tomorrow to squeeze in a workout. Even if it's first thing in the morning when you wake up or while something is in the oven cooking and you have a bit of idle time. I love doing these quick 10 minute workouts because usually it wakes me up and motivates me to to make the time for even just 5 more minutes of exercise. 

Ready to get sweaty? THIS HIIT workout from the Tone It Up girls is 10 minutes of intensity. You will definitely break a sweat and won't believe how fast 10 minute flies by.

Too tight on time and can't get too sweaty? No worries, I love THIS yoga sequence for stretching out releasing some turkey day stress.

Feel like you have ZERO TIME? Turn on some dance music while you are buzzing around the kitchen and dance it out. Every time you put dishes in the sink do 5 standing crunches and after putting something in the oven do 5 jumping jacks. It won't even feel like you'r working out!

 I love 20 minute workouts and feel like a mastermind of efficiency with them. 

Combine two 10 minute barre workouts for one 20 minute ballerina workout that will have you feeling like Natalie Portman in Black Swan. I usually pair THIS one with THIS one.

Or if you want to focus on your lower half, tone your thighs with THIS video followed by THIS booty workout.

While the apple pie is baking in the oven, why not dedicate this chunk of time to turning up your heart rate and burning calories? 30 minutes is a solid workout and your body will appreciate it.

Take out all of your frustrations with THIS killer cardio-boxing workout. You will be feeling the burn and will need to jump in the shower after this one but it is such a great 30 minute workout. You can use hand weights if you have them but I always do it without and still am shaking haha!

Have the time but the thought of cardio too much? Try THIS 25 minute yoga routine to work on your flexibility and follow it with 5 minutes of your favorite ab moves.



  1. I just did the 20 minutes of barre, definitely worked up a sweat and will feel better about pigging out tonight :) Thanks, Taylor!

  2. Very interesting. My fiancé is a fitness freak and our wedding planner has suggested having unique gym themed wedding at indoor wedding venues NYC that offer custom decorations. I like this idea of such a unique and fun theme. What’s your opinion regarding Gym themed wedding?

    1. Sounds like a super unique idea that could be really cool, especially since your fiance is really into fitness. I think a wedding should reflect the couple whether the location or the colors, or even the theme. Congratulations and good luck wedding planning!!


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