12 December 2016

Four Christmas DIY Projects To Make

Beginning in college, I have never had a Christmas tree in my dorm or apartment. I have always considered my parent's house the place for Christmas and decorations have been the occasional set of lights or a few of my roomie's decorations but I have never really gotten into the holiday spirit on my own.

This year though, I bought my first tree and decorated it with a few ornaments. It's pretty sparse in comparison to my Mom's tree which on a side note is absolutely beautiful and spilling with lights, ornaments, and garland. I put on Christmas music, made some hot cocoa, and munched on some cinnamon star cookies from Trader Joe's (you have to try them they are soooo good!) and had so much fun being Christmas-y!

I am now pouring over Pinterest on my commute to/from work looking for DIY projects I can make and there are so many out there. A lot of them aren't really my style so I had to search for some that were more modern and less craft fair. The projects below are on my list to do this year though I won't have enough time! Oh well, I can make them anytime for next year too.

Ornament Pillows from Studio DIY | Photo by Jeff Mindell

Can you get anything cuter than pillows shapes as giant ornaments? OMG these are adorable! I think these could make really fun gifts too, I think my nieces would go nuts. You will need a sewing machine for these though, you won't be able to get away with hand stitching unless you plan on spending days on each pillow and are okay with sore fingers from needle pokes!

Honeycomb Origami Ornaments from Oh Happy Day

At first I thought these would be really difficult but magic honeycomb paper exists which makes these actually seem like they will be a fairly quick DIY. I love the fun shapes and think you could turn these into more than just ornaments, like maybe a fun banner or centerpiece or even a wreath...??? 

Shibori Tie Dye Wrapping Paper from Damask Love

I am always drawn to Shibori tie dye and this wrapping paper DIY is no different. You could totally change out the color to match your Christmas decor or use this paper anytime of the year for any occasion that calls for a wrapped gift.

Paper Christmas Cactus from The House That Lars Built

These would look so cute as centerpieces on a table or spread around anywhere you might put a bouquet of flowers. But actually I kind of want to make these and keep them out year round!


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