07 December 2016

My Favorite Healthy Food Blogs For Recipes

During the past few years I have worked very hard on cooking more meals at home and choosing healthier options as opposed to convenient but bad for you options. Its not always easy, especially if you only like a few veggies and get burnt out by the same recipes on repeat. Yet, I was counting the other day and during this time I have learned to like seven new veggies which is a huge accomplishment for me! 

Its difficult finding healthy recipes sometimes especially when you are in a food rut and can't seem to come up with anything. I will continue to share recipes here on Grey Suede when I come up with good ones and have taste tested them a few times but I wanted to share with you the food blogs that I am always turning to for healthy recipes that taste good and are filling. 

Love & Lemons: What initially attracted me to Love & Lemons was the food photography. The crisp and colorful food against bright white made me feel like the recipes would be just as crisp and healthy as they looked. Most recipes are either vegetarian or vegan and are perfect for weeknight meals. The cookbook came out this past year (I was so excited I wrote a post about it here) and there are so many good recipes it's hard to choose what to make next but I'm thinking it will either be this salad or these tacos.

The Forest Feast: You have probably seen the beautiful cookbooks at Anthropologie or the bookstore but the blog is just as good for discovering mostly vegetarian dishes that have you wishing you could eat in an enchanted forest like the photos. Basically this food looks magical and so far everything I have made has been delicious. I'm planning to make this Pomegranate Punch for Christmas Eve this year!

Smitten Kitchen: Straightforward recipes that use ingredients your grocery store actually has and quite a few comfort food recipes. My favorite recipe is this chopped salad with feta which is great because you can mix up the veggies based on what you have. 

Brooklyn Supper: The dishes always look simple but taste like something you would order out. Although some of the recipes take a bit longer than you think they will, the results are to die for and I always feel proud of what I make. The recipes are typically seasonal which is great because eating fruits and vegetables that are in season is the best way to go. I am in love with this kale salad


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