19 December 2016

Super Easy DIY Glitter Ornaments

These DIY ornaments are so easy that I hardly consider them a project. Last night I was listening to the new Pentatonix Christmas album, which if you haven't heard it yet this season, you need to get on it (their voices are amazing and I "Hallelujah" gives me chills) and made these ornaments in no time! I used glitter but sequins or beads would be really cool to use too!

Super Easy DIY Glitter Ornaments - www.greysuede.com

Super Easy DIY Glitter Ornaments

What You'll Need:

Chunky glitter in assorted colors- I used this pack from Michaels but also love this set.
Clear glass ornaments not the iridescent ones, so these not those


Carefully remove the tops from the ornaments. Do this by slowly twisting the top and pulling up slightly. As soon as you are able to squeeze the two wires together do so and pull the top off.

Measure out your glitter. I used packets of glitter that were pre-portioned out but if you are using bulk glitter or small beads or sequins, I would measure out about 1-2 teaspoons per ornament.

Using a funnel, pour glitter into the ornament and replace the top by squeezing the wires together and pushing down.

Shake the ornaments so that the glitter randomly sticks to the sides of the glass and the rest settles at the bottom.

They look pretty on the tree as they sparkle and reflect light. Also, its a fun way to add unexpected colors to your tree without it being very apparent.


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