16 January 2017

DIY This Easy Moisturizing Avocado Mask

Winter is terrible for drying your skin out regardless of if you live where it is snowing or not. The cold air, wind, and heating inside definitely does a number on your skin. Although I have been using moisturizing night cream and moisturizer during the day, from traveling and all the cold weather my face was really dry, especially around my nose (thanks cold for that!).

Avocados are full of antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E , and carotenoids (the same pigment thats in carrots, oranges, and butternut squash) that help fight free radicals and can even help with inflammation. They are also a great source of healthy oils that really help to moisturize the skin.

To Make:

I took half of an avocado and mashed it with a fork. I added a few drops of warm water to thin out the consistency. The first time I tried this I added honey, but found that it started to sting on my skin after a few seconds so the second time, I left out the honey and the whole experience was much more enjoyable and moisturizing.

Unless you pulverize the avocado, it will be a little chunky when applying to your face so use one or two finger when applying, and pat on skin rather than spread, I found it to be easier that way! Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse well with warm water.



  1. Always have avocados in the house but never thought of putting them on my face! Gonna try this!

    1. Have you tried it yet? Its a surprisingly great natural facial moisturizer :)


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