31 January 2017

GS Reads Check In: Fates and Furies

Hi! January was the official launch of GS Reads, our online book club and today is our official check in for our first book, Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff! If you starting reading with us we have finished part one, Fates. The book is told in two halves, the first (what we've been reading) from the husband, Lotto's perspective, and the second (Furies) from the wife, Mathilde's view. We have been reading about Lotto's entire life. We start with his parents story and progress through tragedy, adolescence, college, marriage, career successes and losses, and the tragedy of growing old. Fates was in many ways an entire story, it had a beginning, a middle, and an end and yet, were left feeling like there's so much more behind this story brewing in the background!

Below you will see a few questions about what we've read so far. Read through them and share your answers in the comments below. I would love for this to be a discussion so please respond to each others answers and questions!

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  1. Lotto's given name is Lancelot, yet he chooses to go by Lotto rather than Lance. What significance do you think this plays on his character or his story?
  2. Lotto's plays are included as part of the story, not just snippets. Did you like reading them? Did they help you understand his world?
  3. Antoinette seems to have abruptly written Lotto off. First as a teenager getting in trouble by sending him off to boarding school and never visiting and then again when he gets married, never to see her son again. Do you think this is the whole story? Do you think a mother would do that?
  4. Mathilde and Lotto get married very quickly, what do you think this says about Lotto and why do you think he jumped into getting married so quickly?
  5. Do you think they had a happy marriage? 
Reading Fates and Furies www.greysuede.com

My Answers:

  1. I found it weird that he goes by Lotto rather than Lance or some other nickname closer to Lancelot, but i also found it to be symbolic of his life. His book is called fates, and I felt that throughout his story, Lotto was obsessed with his times of chance, just like the lottery. He was doing nothing while his acting career was failing to materialize until fate stepped in and Mathilde read his drunken writing which propelled him to a famously successful career as a playwright.
  2. I didn't like reading through all of the plays. I felt like there were too many of them and I found myself skimming through. They were interesting though because it seemed like Lotto could never get out of his own head and experience. He wrote about the same stories that we read about as he grew up and I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him. He is clearly troubled and so isolated in his world with  plays and Mathilde.
  3. This can't be the whole story! The entire time reading about Antionette and Sally, I kept thinking there is no way she would just write him off completely and never look back. I'm hoping we find out more from Mathilde's story.
  4. It struck me as really weird how quickly they get married. They hardly know each other and yet Lotto is so intent on his forever with Mathilde. I think he has some serious abandonment issues that for some reason Mathilde's aloof nature seems to quell. 
  5.  Ooh...I think they had a happy marriage at times. I think Lotto placed Mathilde and their marriage on a pedestal like a trophy thinking that they wouldn't tarnish. When he finds out that Mathilde had a previous relationship to theirs, his world comes crashing down and I think he realizes that their marriage wasn't a trophy without any tarnish. But what he can't see is that it doesn't have to be over. 

It's your turn to answer the discussion questions now! Leave your answers in the comments below and share your questions you had while reading!

We will now be finishing the book by reading part two, Furies. Makes sure to finish the book by February 15th!


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