30 January 2017

Why Should You Dry Brush?

 Dry Brushing - www.greysuede.com

Dry brushing became popular a few years ago but fell to the side with so many other super promising beauty trends. But I'm here to tell you DRY BRUSH! Your skin will thank you!!

Dry brushing is an excellent product free exfolient. As you brush your skin you are sluffing off dead skin cells leaving brighter and softer skin. You are also helping increase blood circulation by stimulating all areas of skin, especially those areas we forget like our back and butt. This stimulation can help with reducing the appearance of cellulite too.

The benefits to your skin are pretty easy and a no-brainer but I have found that body brushing before I shower each night (morning showers work too 😀 )is a very zen experience for me. I take a few extra minutes to myself, turn on some relaxing music and brush by body. I'm not going to lie, when I first started dry brushing I thought it was a little painful and I wasn't sure if I liked how my skin looked a little rosy afterwords but now it feels sooo good. Its like my own mini spa treatment!

Dry Brushing - www.greysuede.com

Haven't dry brushed before? I got you covered.

First, you will need to buy a dry brush. I linked mine as well as a few others below ↓↓

Second, always use the brush dry. Make sure your skin is dry too. I always start with my feet and work upwards. Gently start brushing your skin in a stroking motion. Just like you would with massage brush towards your heart so that your body can eliminate toxins. Brush your entire body, yes even your butt but please please please avoid your face and lady parts!!

When you are done rinse your brush in cool water as your shower heats up and let it dry. Hop in the shower, enjoy the warmth and breath deeply. When you get out your skin will feel deliciously soft and smooth!


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