10 February 2017

GS Reads: Next Book is....The Strays by Emily Bitto

The Strays by Emily Bitto

Happy Friday book club! I know we are all wrapping up Fates and Furies but I wanted to let you know that the next book is The Strays by Emily Bitto! 

Emily Bitto is based in Melbourne, Australia and her work has been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, Meanjin, Heat, the Australian Literary Review and The Big Issue Fiction Edition. The Strays  won the 2015 Stella Prize, an Australian literary award for women authors of any genre. 

We will start this book after finishing up Fates and Furies on February 15 and reading to page 147 (end of part 2) by February 27. Since the remainder of the book isn't too long plan to be finished by March 8th!

Check out the description below:

On her first day at a new school, Lily befriends Eva and her sisters Beatrice and Heloise, daughters of the infamous avant-garde painter Evan Trentham. An only child from an unremarkable, working-class family, Lily has never experienced a household like the Trenthams'--a community of like-minded artists Evan and his wife have created, all living and working together to escape the stifling conservatism of 1930's Australia. And Lily has never met anyone like Eva, whose unabashed confidence and worldly knowledge immediately draw her in.

Infatuated by the creative chaos of the Trenthams and the artists who orbit them, Lily aches to fully belong in their world, craving something beyond her own ordinary life. She becomes a fixture in their home, where she and Eva spend their days lounging in the garden, filching cigarettes and wine, and skirting the fringes of the adults' glamorous lives, who create scandalous art during the day and host lavish, debauched parties by night. But as seductive as the artists' utopian vision appears, behind it lies both darkness and dysfunction. And the further the girls are pulled in, the greater the consequences become.
With elegance and vibrancy, THE STRAYS evokes the intense bonds of girlhood friendships, the volatile undercurrents of a damaged family, and the yearning felt by an outsider looking in.


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