13 February 2017

Take My Face to the Tropics

SpaLife Face Masks

SpaLife Face Masks

SpaLife Face Masks

SpaLife Face Masks

I am done with winter and so is my skin! It has been raining like crazy all month and has been cold and really windy and when I go on Pinterest and see photos of gorgeous beaches and cute swimsuits, I almost die. I wish I could just run off to Hawaii or the Caribbean and say adios work, hello sunshine. Sadly I can't do that (full-time job) and my credit card probably wouldn't like it (#adulting).

Desperate times call for drastic measures right? So a trip to Target was prescribed. I am like so many other people and when I go into Target I can spend hours there trying on clothes, looking at cute home decor, and smelling all the new shampoos. It was a momentary break from the rain and I knew I could pretend to be shopping for new swimsuits for my imaginary trip.

But I discovered something way better in the beauty department and no it wasn't sunless tanner. These adorable packages contain some pretty awesome stuff. Target recently expanded it's line of SpaLife face masks and they have a bunch to choose from. Seeking the tropics I went for the orange, grapefruit, and pineapple. As much as I would love to use these one after another and be whisked off to a tropical paradise, they do their job and so need to be spaced out to one or two per week.

Over the weekend, I blissed out on the orange nourishing face mask while listening to some tropical nature sounds. I seriously convinced myself I was on an island, especially since there was finally some sun shining in through the windows. Check out the masks below, you cannot go wrong they are less than $3 each! I also linked to the Spotify playlist I listened to :)


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