22 March 2017

Seven Thoughts

Yosemite National Park Wanderlust

  1. I was looking through my photos from Yosemite from Labor Day and it's crazy that I went 6 months ago already! I'm trying to figure out the next National Park to go to, I'm thinking maybe Arches or Death Valley, or maybe Lassen? I want to go to them all haha
  2. It's raining in SF again and I am sick of chilly days. I'm so jealous of everyone who lives where spring is in full force and the temps are rising. 
  3. I got sick at the end of last week, turned out to be strep throat, yuk! So I am trying to rest and stay hydrated. It sucks being sick when I want to go outside and see all the flowers blooming.
  4. I am loving this new scarf from Target. It's less than $7 and super versatile. I'm currently wearing it tied around my neck with a grey sweater.
  5. I taught Nathan how to fry an egg this morning, lol. He broke the yolk but it still turned out fine. 
  6. Has anyone ever been to Savannah, GA? I'm planning a quick trip there and would love suggestions.
  7. I haven't worked out in two weeks wah wah wah. I strained my hip flexor then got sick so I have a good excuse but it's always hard to get back into a routine after being away for a bit. Does this happen to you? I read this book on habits and the author wrote about how when you break a habit, trying to start that habit again is much much harder than starting a new one altogether. hmmmm, I hope this isn't true!

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