22 May 2017

Day Trip to Tybee Island

For work I sometimes travel to seemingly random places for work since event organizers select different cities for conferences for various reasons. A few weeks ago I was in Jacksonville Florida for one of these quick trips. I had never been to Northern Florida before and was looking forward to the warm weather. 
Tybee Island Georgia

One of the best tips I got from a coworker was to make work work for you. And one of the best ways to do this is tag a quick trip at the front or end of a work trip. I have dreamed of going to Savannah Georgia for years. I think it was a setting in some movie I watched and it looked so dreamy. Since Jacksonville is only about a two hour drive from there, I tagged it on as a day trip after my work conference was over.

Tybee Island Georgia

Tybee Island Georgia

When I told someone at my hotel in Jacksonville I was taking a day trip to Savannah they suggested I go to Tybee Island. Having never heard of it I thought hmmm why not, and looked it up to find it was only 15 minutes outside of savannah so I went for it.

Oh my gosh I felt like I was in heaven. The lighthouse was pretty and the historian in me loved that it was one of the oldest lighthouses in the US (I studied history in college) but the beach is what was so amazing. I have never been to an east coast beach before and this one was straight out of a movie. With the wooden walkway, beach grasses, and dunes.

Tybee Island Georgia

Tybee Island Georgia

The best part had to be the wooden swings on the beach though. I wasn't wearing a swimsuit (rookie mistake) and the water was warm, so after wading as far as I could without getting my dress wet, it was nice to retreat to the swings and relax. Coming from a California girl, California has amazing beaches but Tybee Island was pretty good!

Tybee Island Georgia Beach Accessories

Tybee Island Georgia

Tybee Island Georgia

Tybee Island Georgia

I love doing little day trips like this. i used to think they weren't enough but they are so much fun, less expensive and you can do them more frequently which makes it feel like you are traveling more than if you do one trip per year. I don't have any other trips planned now so I am feeling a little lost. This week hopefully I will change that :)

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

PS you can find my dress here and similar sandals here and here.  


  1. I love all of these pictures and your outfit goes great with the beautiful scenery!


    1. Thanks Jessica! It was a solo trip and I forgot my tripod and clicker so it was bit tough to capture photos with me in them - your comment means a lot!! <3


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