17 May 2017

GS Reads: Gold Fame Citrus Discussion

Hi! I know I am a day late with this post, sorry. I just moved and seriously don't know where the days are going- I feel like I have had no time to sit down and actually write this post but alas I am finally getting to it.

First off, I didn't think I was going to like this book. When I started  reading I kept thinking meh! But out of nowhere I was hooked and devoured the second half of the book. The last time I read a dystopian novel was probably high school, its not a genre I gravitate towards and honestly just forget about. This dystopian book was close to home for me. Living in California and having the seven year drought finally come to an end this year (mostly) this future apocalyptic drought was all to real for me. Throughout the book I kept thinking to myself, what would I do? Where would I go? 

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See below for the discussion questions. I put my answers below but would love to hear your thoughts and answers to any of the questions too in the comments below!


  1. Who was your favorite character? Why?
  2. What went through your mind when Ray left and then again when we are told he is dead?
  3. Do you think Ray and Luz should have taken Ig?
  4. Luz meets Ray as she deliberates whether or not to leave Los Angeles. She decides to stay. WHat would you have chosen?
  5. What did you think of the ending?

My Answers:

  1. Ray is my favorite character. I think he is seeking redemption throughout the book. He is trying to stand by not only Luz and Ig but also himself. Sadly the desert does not hold redemption in its cards for Ray. Instead he finds pain and punishment. He loses his hope of a bright future, his voice, and Luz who seemed to hold him together. 
  2. When Ray left I thought he's crazy to leave Luz and a toddler alone in the middle of nowhere in an endless desert with limited supplies. I had hope that he would come back but was devastated when Luz is told that Ray is dead. It made me think of Game of Thrones where characters are just wiped out in an instance. Initially I thought no way that can't be it but then was almost as convinced as Luz that Ray was gone.
  3. Poor Ig. She is such a helpless character and no situation seems like a good situation for her. Ray and Luz represented a shot at a somewhat typical family dynamic compared to the band of transients she was with. I don't know how I feel- maybe everything would have been easier had they not taken her but maybe not. It's hard to know.
  4. I can only imagine that this is a tough decision and it is much easier to make a decision knowing what became of Luz because of her decision. In that moment though without knowing what either future would hold, I see the allure of staying in LA, choosing the familiar and committing to being resourceful to make it work. I think I would have moved though. Some crises I think I might say a different answer but drought is deadly. We cannot survive without water and knowing what the southern California desert is like, I would never sign myself up for that fate.
  5. Ah the ending! What was that? Why? Haha no the ending was very figurative to me. The rain finally came. It should have been the savior, the key to a future for Ray and Luz but in this book redemption doesn't exist and the water finally took the characters down. I did want to know what happened to Ig though and I still think about her future in a cult and worry about her. I wish there had been a bit of positive closure there.

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