21 June 2017

How to Get the Softest Lips Ever with Kiwi

Summer is officially here woo! This heatwave is seriously taking its toll on my butt which is still adjusted to San Francisco weather though. But I love it! I forgot how dry the air is in San Diego compared to SF and paired with the heat my skin and lips are seriously searching for some moisture. 

When my lips get dry they instantly start to peel which is so annoying because I pick at them without even thinking and then they get worse. Chapsticks don't usually help since they basically just swab a layer of goop on top of my peeling lips and they continue to peel. The only thing that helps is to exfoliate them and get rid of the dry skin and then moisturize them.

If you follow me, you have probably figured out that I like to make my own scrubs and a lip scrub is no different. I whipped up this little scrub today and can't get over how good it smells (and tastes)! It's like being on a tropical island ;) Kiwi is full of vitamin C which is not only good for you when you eat them but also good for your skin. Plus the seeds act as little exfoliators themselves adding to the sugar I used as the main exfoliant.

How to Get the Softest Lips Ever

It's pretty easy to make and will last a couple days in the fridge. I used 1 whole kiwi and it made quite a bit so I am actually cutting the recipe in half since I don't think I am going to be able to use all of it. Feel free to double the recipe though to make enough for friends. 

To use simply spread the scrub on your lips with your finger and rub your lips together. Wipe off excess and let the coconut oil soak in, hydrating the fresh skin below. My lips were in pretty rough shape so I repeated it twice but now they are super soft and no more peeling. That's a win!

2 TBS sugar
1/2 kiwi fruit, peeled and chopped
1/2 TBS unrefined coconut oil

In a small bowl mash kiwi with a fork. Add sugar and coconut oil and stir.

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