14 June 2017

White Eyelet Romper

Summers Past Farm

It seems like so many people are on vacation exploring the countrysides of Italy and France right now. Everywhere I look on social media, my feeds are full of lush lavender fields or picturesque countrysides. Safe to say I am a bit jealous (it's okay to admit it) and had to find my own version of idyllic flower fields.

We ended up discovering a hidden gem in East County San Diego, Summer Past. They have a rustic old barn, coffee stand, plants for sale, and really pretty flower gardens. We were lucky to come when we did because you could tell the flowers are in between seasons but we managed to get lost amongst some pretty cool flowers.

Summers Past Farms

I wore this white eyelet romper (currently on sale!) with ruffle details that I had order while I still lived in SF and was so excited to be able to wear it without being cold! Gotta love southern California warmth :) I had ordered the x-small originally but I have a long torso and there was no way it was fitting. I exchanged it for the small and was happy to say it fit perfectly without being saggy in the butt. Though I did have the straps readjusted a little bit higher with buttons so it would be easier to get on and off. 

One thing I have learned about getting a piece you love but being disappointed in the fit in a certain place is to go see a tailor or semesters. Ask them about your concern and see what they can do about it. Often times all you need are a few tucks here or there or repositioning straps to make that piece perfect. 

Summers Past Farms

The back criss-cross straps are my favorite part as well as the ruffle detail on the shorts. I felt like I was in a Beatrix Potter book wandering through the garden it was so much fun. 

Summers Past Farms

Anyways, I hope you are having a good week. Mine has been a bit rough with Briar developing a skin infection inside her cast for her broken toe, poor baby. So I will be going to the vet again this week to have it checked on so fingers crossed the antibiotics are working and its getting better. 


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  1. These photos are delightful! I love the romper!!!

    With Love & Style,
    ♥ Amber


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