05 July 2017

GS Reads: Big Little Lies Discussion

Notice the bite marks on the corner of my book? Briar decided it tasted good and started chomping on the corners and even destroyed a couple pages inside...before I read them...but I pieced together what I missed in those few pages pretty quickly! 

See below for the discussion questions. I put my answers below but would love to hear your thoughts and answers to any of the questions too in the comments below!


  1. Did you watch the show before or after reading the book? If so, how did they compare? Which did you like better?
  2. In the beginning of the book Celeste mentions her plans for leaving Perry. Why did you think she wanted to leave him?
  3. What did you think of the interviews that appeared at the end of each chapter with various characters? Did they help shape the investigation to you? Why do you think the author included them?
  4. It takes nearly the entire book to find out who died despite knowing from the very beginning that someone is dead. Who did you think it was before we actually find out?
  5. Violence is a key theme in the book with Perry's domestic violence, Max acting out on the playground, and Jane thinking about throwing Ziggy against the wall or kicking Harper as examples. Do you think people are violent by nature? 
  6. Did you relate to anyone in the book? How?

My Answers:

  1. I have only read the book. I want to watch the show and had definitely seen the trailer before reading the book. When I first started reading I was imagining the actresses as the characters but for some reason the only one that stuck through the book was Reese Witherspoon as Madeline.
  2. When we first read about Celeste thinking into the future about when she will leave Perry, I did not have any idea it was for the reasons she actually had. She seemed so calm and put together that it was her life plan, that she didn't actually want to be married to Perry, that he served the purpose of raising kids with her  for now, but when they were grown she was ready to move on too.
  3. The interviews were a little annoying to me. I hit a point in the story where I picked up speed and wanted to get to the end and these interview questions were like a distraction. I think they helped add to the cloudy details of what was unravelling. It's like a case of smoke and mirrors and everyone in the town was focused on something else and their versions of the story or theories were there to remind us that what we see is not always true and often times when we think we know what we are seeing we don't actually know.
  4. I was convinced one of the mothers was dead, Celeste, Madeline, or Jane. I narrowed it down to Celeste or Jane though and was hoping it wasn't Jane, not because I liked Madeline less, but because if she died then Ziggy would be all alone.
  5. I think it's interesting how the author depicts many of the characters' violent thoughts or actions. It is easy for us to portray one character as the villain and believe that only they are violent but in reality I don't think that's the case. I think that the author is trying to remind us that we all have violence inside of us to some extent but it is how we deal with that violence that shapes our character and our actions.
  6. Jane's character resonated with me since she was the outsider, the youngest mother, and the only single mother. Now, I am not a mother so I can't directly relate but I have definitely felt like the outsider before, (who hasn't?). I look young for my age and I have gone to many tech events and conferences and been the youngest female (of the few women there) in the room and it is a tough obstacle to overcome. Unintentionally people have bias and when it comes to a situation of age or gender, you can't do anything about it and it can be awkward and uncomfortable.


1 comment

  1. 1. Book only.
    2. Just thought she was not in love with him any more.
    3. I didn't care for the interviews. They just made me more aware of the kind of parents at the school.
    4.I thought for sure it was a Mom. Didn't find out til the end.
    5. I think some are but many can be provoked.
    6. Not really but I did enjoy the read!


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