26 September 2017

Bell Sleeved Sweater

Bell Sleeve Sweater
I have been loving the bell sleeve trend for a while now but since it is a trendy style that will likely not stick around for seasons to come I have stopped myself from buying bell sleeved sweaters in every shape and color. But I found the perfect bell sleeve sweater at Target for under $25, steal! 

Black Midi Skirt

Typical Target story, you can never leave with only the stuff you came for and the rows of new fall styles were silently calling my name. So I went exploring. While I was picking out this floral scarf from Target's new collection, A New Day, this couple started asking me about whether or not this was Target's new line and what I though about it. Then the girl picked up a hat and was asking me how to wear it and then wanted to know what I did and where I was from, it was kind of weird and I kind of ran away from them and hid in the bra section until I didn't see them anymore haha!

Bell Sleeve Sweater and Midi Skirt  
A New Day Floral Scarf

Besides my shoes, my whole outfit is from Target and I love that these basics can be worn a bunch of different ways dressed up or down. I loved this simple combination with a navy floral scarf tied at the neck and felt like I was walking down cobblestoned streets in Europe somewhere. In reality I was just at Balboa Park at the International Cottages. They are only open on the weekends but are fun to explore since each cottage represents a different country.

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  1. Very chic & sophisticated look. I love the scarf detail!

    Kara Aragon


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