31 October 2017

Easy Leopard Makeup Tutorial

Leopard Makeup Tutorial

Wild Cat Makeup Tutorial

For Halloween this year I decided to keep things simple and be a leopard. I found this amazing jumpsuit from Forever 21 that was not only perfect for the costume but also really comfortable. Who doesn't want to be comfortable on Halloween when you're running around? 

I kept my makeup pretty simple too and this look can be recreated for any type of cat. 
For an easy leopard look:
  1. Start with a moisturizer all over your face. I was going out during the day so chose this one with sunscreen in it and a slight tint.
  2. I like to start with the eyes. Use black liquid liner to paint a thick cat eye on your upper lid. You can make this as dramatic as you want. 
  3. Curl lashes and apply mascara. 
  4. Apply foundation and add highlighter to your cheekbones and in the area between your lips and nose.
  5. Paint your upper lip with the black eyeliner. If you have black lipstick you can use this too. Exaggerate the upper lip by painting the lip up onto the skin just above your lip. 
  6. Using the liquid eyeliner paint a thin line from the center of your upper li up to your nose. Next, draw an upside down triangle on your nose to make the cat nose. Round the corners as you fill in. You can thicken the line leading to your lips one the triangle is finished. Be sure that the lines blend into one another. This may mean adjusting your triangle.
  7. Apply small dots of the black eyeliner between your nose and lips. 
  8. Mist face with a setting spray.
Products I used to create this easy wild cat Halloween makeup look:



  1. This is a super easy look!! Super cute costume idea and makeup tips are perfect!

    With Love & Style,
    ♥ Amber

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