21 November 2017

Thankful and Grateful


Happy Thanksgiving week! Although I can’t believe it’s already here I am so excited to be able to drive to my parent’s house this year rather than flying. The past couple of years I have flown super early on Thanksgiving Day which is difficult for me since I’m not always a morning person and then by the time we have dinner I feel exhausted. That won’t be happening this year and it sounds so nice.



Thanksgiving is a holiday that as I have gotten older I have learned to appreciate more. As a kid, I was obsessed with the food and being off school but as I got older I started to realize the significance of not only being together with family and friends but also the importance of taking a moment to reflect on the year, your life, and to express your gratitude.



I know that I can be grateful for so many things in my life but I wanted to share ten things I am feeling grateful for this Thanksgiving (in no particular order).

  1. My health. 
  2. Nathan- thank you for always listening to me, letting me play my music in the car and sing (off key) along to it, for getting a Weimaraner and helping her to become healthy and obedient. Thank you for always thinking of me and honestly this list could go on and on.
  3. Briar has completely changed my life. I know this sounds like an exaggeration but getting a dog and dealing with all the challenges and laughs that come along with a puppy have been the best.
  4. Spending time with my Grandma who suffered a heart attack and stroke this year. Being able to go to Utah and make butterfly decorations for her hospital room and decorating it.
  5. My old coworkers in San Francisco. Thank you for being so supportive with my move to San Diego and continually reaching out to see how things are.
  6. Grey Suede- Being able to share my life with all of you has been such a fun adventure and I look forward to the next year to see what is in store.
  7. My family- I love you always.
  8. My grandma Nani- She will always talk with me on the phone for hours and even if we tell the same stories over and over again they are the best calls.
  9. My friends- finding people that you want to spend time with, that enrich your life, and you create memories and traditions with is no easy feat and keeping those relationships takes work.
  10. Nathan’s family for continually treating me like part of the family, for their generosity and care, and of course for putting up with Briar when I bring her around.
We were using a 3-second self timer for these photos and got lots of photos like this haha

We took these photos at Liberty Station which when growing up in San Diego was nothing really, but now is full of restaurants and shops and a cool public market where there are tons of food shops to pick from. Next time we try to take photos like this I will be asking my Mom or someone to take them because a 3 second self timer with a puppy is HARD!

Puppy Weimaraner


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