25 January 2018

Camping at Mount Laguna

Mount Laguna Observatory

Camping Weimaraner

Mount Laguna Hiking

Weimaraner Hiking

Mount Laguna Desert View

Camping Campfire

Camping Weimaraner

Hiking with Weimaraner

I wanted to share a few photos from when we went camping at Mount Laguna. It was supposed to be nice weather and then at the last minute temperatures dropped but we decided to go anyways. How bad could it be? Bad enough that after two nights I was sick and cranky but so happy to have been outside checked out from technology and social media and able to breathe fresh air.

It was freezing for San Diego! I'm talking about 30 degrees at night, which elsewhere isn't terrible but when it was sunny and 75 degrees the day before, 30 degrees is pretty rough. I was so cold at night and so was poor little Briar! She loved having her sweater on and even climbed into my sleeping bag with me with blankets piled on top of us. Even though I was cold I felt so bad for her and was more worried about keeping her war enough.

I love Mount Laguna because a lot of the trails are dog friendly which is sadly hard to find. I don't like the idea of leaving my dog behind at camp so we can only go places where she can come along unless she can stay home with family or friends. Also it's not to far from downtown San Diego and has amazing views of the desert. Once it starts warming up again I can't wait to go back and camp but in the meantime want to go up for day hikes.


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