08 March 2018

Biking with Ofo

Ofo Bikes in San DIego

San Diego Waterfront
Ofo Bikes in San Diego

San Diego Waterfront

In the past week brightly colored bike literally appeared on nearly every street corner in downtown San Diego. The bikes weren't locked up to anything and had QR codes on them. I couldn't figure out what they were for, where they came from, or why they were now everywhere. Turns out San Diego was the next stop in the dock free bike sharing wave. With a few companies operating these bikes, we opted to try it out with the Ofo since the bright yellow bikes seemed to be spread out throughout the city.

After the rain stopped, we spend Sunday morning riding around the San Diego Waterfront. We ended up biking all the way from downtown to Liberty Station so that we could get some water and a snack and take a break sitting in the grass there. Besides for the weather being perfect, it was so cool being able to pick up the Ofo bikes and ride until we we stopped and not have to worry about returning them to a rental shop. 

It's pretty easy to use, you download the Ofo app, create a profile, put in your credit card info and scan the QR code on the bike and ride. When you're done all you have to do is lock the bike on the app and on the bike itself and you're good to go. Overall I really liked Ofo and will probably use it again. I liked that in March in San Diego all rides are free but after they are still only $1 per hour. The bikes were a little heavy and only have 3 gears so hills were a bit more of a challenge than I thought they'd be. Overall though its a great way to spend a sunny afternoon or way to run errands around town.

If Ofo is in your city and you want a free ride, use invitation code Y78AaE, but in San Diego this March they are free anyways :) so cool! 

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