17 April 2018

Tokyo by Night

Grey Suede Tokyo Japan

Walking around Tokyo at night is so much fun. The lights are crazy and remind you of Times Square in New York City a little bit and there are so many people out regardless of what day of the week it is. Most of these photos are from Shinjuku and Ginza. Below is Piss Alley which although it has a terrible name is actually an awesome hideaway tucked behind and in between modern buildings. Full of microscopic restaurants and bars you can find some delicious foods.

Grey Suede - Tokyo Japan

Grey Suede Tokyo Japan

Grey Suede Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Grey Suede Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is a huge city with over nine million people and thousands of tourists yet I felt safer walking around there at night than I do in many places I have called home. It was such a weird feeling but incredibly refreshing. Not only was it the city that I feel safest in but it was also SO clean. There is no trash, littering doesn't exist it is like heaven!

Grey Suede Tokyo Japan

I apologize in advance, I am going to post so many photos of Japan! I have been combing through them and trying to turn them into fewer posts but I want to share them all haha.... reining it in, a little!



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