19 June 2018

Dear Body: A Thank You Note on Self Love

Today I'm doing something different. I have recently been trying to journal more and one of the journal prompts that I was going to write was a Dear Body. For some reason I felt like I wanted to share this journal prompt with you guys because it really got me thinking about self love and reminding ourselves why our bodies are amazing, especially on days when we need this most.

Dear Body,

I’m sorry for not always loving you or putting you first. It’s so easy to notice the negative, pointing out what I wish was different or your inadequacies. As with most things it is so much easier to dwell on the bad than to look past it and realize just how incredible you are. I want to say thank you for so much.

You amaze me with your endurance. While running I can feel like I am going to die, but you can always help me push through those extra two minutes that feel like the brink. My heart will be pumping, lungs on fire, muscles burning, and still you push through, finding minute ounces of energy, somehow, somewhere. Thank you.

You are strong. You provide me strength and support each and every day. No matter how sore or tired, you carry me through the day and surprise me with bouts of strength when most necessary. Thank you.

You are my constant companion. We have been through everything together, highs and lows. You aren’t going anywhere. You will be there the next morning pushing me out of bed and moving into the day. You will be there with me through life changes and no matter where I go. Thank you.

You teach me to be healthy. I try my best to feed you healthy foods and drink plenty of water. I struggle taking vitamins but I hope that by trying to eat a rainbow of foods I'm nourishing you with what you need. I am learning to understand when you push back and to be in constant check of my sleep, water, food, and exercise. Thank you.
You are beautiful. You may not look like a model in a magazine, on TV, or Instagram, but those bodies aren’t mine. You are. There is no such thing as perfect. I like my quirks, they are part of what make me who I am and set me apart from everyone else. Thank you.
Thank you Body,

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